Micro Touch Solo мужской триммер в Междуреченске

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Micro Touch Color is a smart razor that is guaranteed to give you perfect results every time. Without any other pieces, you can just attach any of the three grooming units and then use it with micro precision on any part of the body that you need. Use this one to trim, to shape, to the edge, and to otherwise shave existing hair or keep newer growing beards in check while they grow.

With this blade, you can get hyper-advanced, grooming that gives you the precise job you need whether it is edging, trimming, or shaving. There are three grooming attachments and a cutting head included in each order. The head pivots so that it falls nicely against the shape and contour of your face or neck. This is what allows it to give you that perfect groom each time.

Мужской триммер Micro Touch Solo

Contour to the chest, back, and neck with ease. The blades are made from German-engineered stainless steel which is allegedly military grade stainless steel. The blade allegedly requires no water, no soap, and no cream, but will still give you the perfect shave without any skin irritation. The large size is allegedly powerful enough to tackle even the thickest of beards in just one stroke. It is safe enough to use all over the body.

Without razor burn or bumps, it glides over hair with ease. No nicks, ingrown hairs or bumps. Then snap it off to get precision edge sideburns. You can go back and forth with the different attachments as you need.

Using only the one razor with the different attachments saves you money on expensive electric razors and a multitude of tools. This is especially true for those who have long beards. You can also save money on expensive replacement blades since you get a handful of different blades automatically included in your order.

In addition to trimming and edging, if you have facial hair you can use this tool in conjunction with other things to keep the hair soft, especially when growing one for the first time. When you first start growing a beard, you want to wait four weeks before you trim it, but you can trim along the neck. Four weeks is generally enough time for your facial hair to grow adequately enough.

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Then you can judge how and where you have to trim it, decide whether you still want to keep it and figure out what things you personally have to do now to maintain your hair. Simply go with the flow and figure out what seems right for you. For some people, it can take months, even years for them to grow a great beard but once it is done it is something that can be maintained for the rest of your life. Start washing your beard on a regular basis in order to remove any dead skin cells, dirt, or food particles trapped in your new beard.

When you wash it, reach all the way down to the skin on your face. Keep your hair smooth and soft by conditioning it regularly. A special Beard oil will give your hair the toilet needs to subdue any itchiness, help encourage new hair growth, keep track of wild hairs, and alleviate dandruff.

Again, make sure that the oil reaches all the way down to your face through all of your hair. While you are using the Micro Touch Solo, you want to make sure your facial hair, including beards, are clean before each use.

The beard is right by your mouth so it collects bits of food and bacteria that other hair never sees. Washing between three and five times per week thoroughly is key to removing these particles and keeping your beard clean. Shampoo removes the debris caught in your beard while conditioner restores moisture. Rinse everything out thoroughly before you get out of the shower; excess conditioner accidentally left in your beard will leave it too oily. With regard to the ideal shampoo and conditioner, it is up to you and your beard.

The type of skin and beard you have will dictate which shampoo and conditioner you buy. The manufacturer of this product is so sure that you will like it that they decided to back it by a day money back guarantee.

This means you can try the shaver for almost a full month before deciding whether you like it or not. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product for your money back. You will, however, need to pay shipping and handling on to return the shaver. Although this shaver already comes with 3 cutting attachments and a charger, when you purchase the Micro Touch Solo, you will also get an extra cutting head attachment for absolutely free. Customers may choose to upgrade their Micro Touch Solo when making their purchase to the deluxe version.

This deluxe version includes a handy stand for your shaver and a USB adapter so that you can charge your shaver almost anywhere.

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It is a good idea to keep your Micro Touch Solo clean and free up hair trimmings. Over time, trimmings can build up around the head of the shaver which could cause it to not function to the best of its capabilities. To avoid this, make sure to clean your Micro Touch Solo regularly. This product features a built-in, high-intensity light that is great for precision trimming.

While illuminating dark areas, it will help you see every small hair that you might have otherwise missed. The Micro Touch Solo is also designed to work without the need of creams, soaps or water which is great for men with sensitive skin or those who may be allergic to fragrances.

There was one customer who claimed that the Micro Touch Solo worked great for trimming and shaping their beard. Although, it did not perform nearly as advertised and did not actually give a clean shave. One customer complained that the Micro Touch Solo was painful to use. They claimed that the blades were not sharp enough and only ended up pulling hair and nicking up his skin. This customer returned their product for a refund.


There were several complaints that the Micro Touch Solo was cheap, poorly built and broke after only a couple of uses. One customer found it very difficult to remove the guides from the head and broke their Micro Touch while trying to change the blade.

There was also one customer who only had to say that upon receiving the product, they found it seemed very fragile. Another customer had tried to order replacement blades for their product and had managed to put in the order, only to have the company cancel the order without notifying them.

They were thoroughly disappointed with the company, returned the product and do not recommend this shaver. Although there are many good reviews about the Micro Touch Solo, many have claimed that the shaver felt fragile and broke very easily. Always beware when buying products online and remember that you only have 30 days to return the product if you are not satisfied.

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Was this review helpful to you? But the commercial is a winner. Where did these guys come from? I have a Micro Touch Solo and I charged it does this thing have a motor and if it does how do you start it.

I tried it with the light but it kept pulling my beard hairs so if it has a motor maybe mine is bad? When the TV ad asked for an additional charge for a charger, I opted out, but they sent it anyway.

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When received, I found out that it recharges with an included USB cable. Touts the fact that it leaves an acceptable "stubble". I have no doubt that those with a need to trim a beard or trim line might find this a better choice than replacing the triple head blade on my year old Phillips Norelco When it comes to a smooth, clean, shave the all in one grooming tool is selling the idea that a smooth shave is measured by a perfect amount of stubble.

Which really does seem to be an acceptable fashion on TV today. It does not shave and it did not work when I tried to use it to trim the length of my beard. Save your money and buy something that actually works! Placed order delivered was fully charged I have a full beard this is the best device i have ever used 5 stars.

Placed order on delivered works great I have a full beard and this is the best device for trimming it I have ever tried 5 stars. Bought this for husband who tried it after full charge and said it did not get his face anywhere near smooth enough. Immediately went back to shaving cream and standard razor. Its not a razor. I had to shave my 1" thick beard for work I used this trimmer in literally 2 minutes I went from full 1" long facial beard to a 5 oclock shadow stubble without one nick, cut, or pulled hair!

Wife was so impressed she threw away her trimmer and got this for her bikini area. She trims it with this to stubble then topped it off with a mach 3 razor.

I received my order on Saturday. I see that it requires charging. How do I get the charger? This thing is incredible! Buy far the best razor ever invented, hands down. I have thick wirery hair, even my grooming shears get clogged up and pull the hair if its alittle long and I have to go over it with my norelco rotary razor then I get skin irratation under my chin and lower neck.

This thing is awsome. I actually think your price is way, way to low. Do not listen to negative feedback, they are out to lunch. Did not work for me. It actually pulled one out which was very painful.

I could never get it positioned in a way to get a shave. And, of course you need to buy the charger, etc.

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Have not received razor and now I do not want it now. Will contact my credit card to stop payment. Saw the commercial and went, wow!